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Volunteering let’s you apply your physical, intellectual and emotional abilities to really make a difference to a patch of the world. It’s also a nice way of using up all those spare vacation days you’ve been wondering what to do with :)

Volunteers help to make social organisations & programmes financially independent:

  • You provide independent revenue directly to the programme
  • You share your skills and education, resources the programme doesn’t otherwise have
  • You contribute hours of energy & dedication to work on physical, thoughtful, playful, intellectual and sometimes just plain grimy tasks

Of course there’s also the ridiculous amount of value that you get from volunteering: a huge sense of satisfaction, a landslide of bragging rights and truly memorable experiences in beautiful countries.

Lucy James says “I’ve travelled solo, with significant others and partners in crime. I’ve done grufty budget and high splurge; city, suburb, rural, exotic; adventure, educational, relaxing, tourist. You get the idea. Of all those places and experiences my first time at Baan San Fan was the most unique, authentic and outstandingly memorable experience of all. I very much doubt I’m alone in appreciating the chance to have an opportunity like this…”


Ultimately you’re someone looking to dedicate a slice of your time and energy to make a difference. You’d probably have to have an appetite for getting stuck in and making things happen and not mind roughing it a bit. An open mind, a warm communication style (smile!) and a truckload of patience will also be helpful.

Your attitude and energy are your most important assets.

There are no rules about who’s right for volunteering but we often find that it’s GAP year or graduate students, professionals taking a career break or over-50s with no work commitments. Age and background aren’t important, it’s your desire to help others while enriching your own life experiences that’s important.

How it works

Once you’ve figured out where you’d like to go and when, we’ll put you in touch with your programme. You can ask as many questions as you want, make sure you’re both prepared for your visit, and can start building a smashing relationship.

We help you with that all-vital preparation piece by sharing our knowledge of the programme & country with you, and of course we’ll keep answering all your questions.

We don’t charge a fee for any of this, it’s 100% free. But here’s what you will need to organise: travel to the country, travel within the country, any pre/ post volunteering travel or accommodation, visas, travel insurance, immunisations, packing! And you will pay the programme directly for your stay (each programme is individually priced).

Share it; we love it

While you’re volunteering we’ll stay in touch. We’re passionate about the programmes we’re working with: we want details on what’s happening right now, we want to know all about your experience and we want all your juicy suggestions & recommendations.

Take a look at the FAQ page if you have some further questions or maybe read Our Story for some more background on how we got here. Alternatively, if you’re ready then hit contact and Get Involved today, we’ll have you blooming in no time…