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Rainbow Children Home

The Rainbow Children Home was established in 2007 to improve the standard of living for the children who were left homeless and orphaned by the ten years of conflict in Nepal that caused heavy destruction of infrastructure and families. There are 19 children at the home, from 2 to 14 years old. They benefit from the shelter, health care, education and love that the home provides. Rainbow Children Home also aims to prepare its children with the necessary skills to lead successful, fulfilling lives in the future.

Rainbow Children Home is proud to say that all of the children now attend school, most for the first time in their lives. The children are making excellent academic progress, interacting better with each other and other people, learning new – non academic – skills, learning about health and personal hygiene and understanding more about how to behave with new, different people.

Recently Rainbow Children Home has also been campaigning for improved treatment and conditions of child servants in the Pohkara region. At the very least Rainbow Children Home is trying to make the families allow the children to attend school for at least a few hours of every day.

Meet Us
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Our Home

Daily life
Weekdays are focused around attending school so there’s a big kerfuffle of breakfast, getting ready and then trooping out in the morning. It’s quiet throughout the day but with lots of jobs to do around the home. Then the children arrive back in the afternoon with lots of noise, homework, play and so on before dinner and then more time to relax together.
At the weekends the children help with work around the home or there is an outing for everyone to enjoy.

Long-term goals

The home wants to be able to welcome more children and also to support the current children even more, particularly as they reach school-leaving age. Ideally the home would like to establish a fund to provide vocational training or university fees for the children who leave school.
In keeping with Rainbow Children Home’s ambition to be self-sufficient they would like, eventually, to own their building outright so that they can absolutely guarantee the future of the home.

What you can do
Volunteering is not only the chance to help others; it is an opportunity to change your live and gain a new perspective. You will go home rich with new experience, skills and friendships. Rainbow Children Home welcomes you to:

  • Play with the children
  • Before school, after school, on the weekends, any spare minute, the children like to spend time playing games, dancing, singing, and when there’s time to go on trips. It helps the children enormously to interact with different people, hear different languages and learn new games.

  • Teach English
  • You can teach the children at the home – as games – or assist in the school.

  • Help around the home
  • There is always work to be done around the home: cooking, cleaning, mending, building. Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!

  • PR for the orphanage and encouraging volunteers
  • Rainbow Children Home always benefits from visitors and volunteers. You may have ways to help promote the orphanage through writing, making contacts, creating links or even technical work like changing the website.

Visiting Us


USD 100-199 per week
The cost varies depending on whether you stay at the home or organise your own accommodation, and how many weeks you volunteer with the home.
More details available upon request.

Rural; Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal, about 200km west of Kathmandu. Rainbow Children Home is on the lake situated outside of the city.

Living arrangements
Volunteers live in Rainbow Children Home, or if you wish to experience daily live in Nepal you can be placed with a host family. Whether at the home or with a host family you will have your own private room.

You will be served Nepali food twice a day (around 10 o’ clock in the morning and 7 o’ clock in the evening). During the day a snack will be offered to you. Tea or coffee is served in the morning and in the afternoon.

Transport to/ from the home is included.


“Volunteering at the Rainbow Children Home was a great and rich experience. I really enjoyed being there with all these lovely kids. My week there was not enough, I didn’t want to leave. I also saw how good the impact of volunteers is on the kids and also how the money is invested to improve the lives of the kids. Doing some volunteering in a developing country is very rewarding and we learn so much. It is probably the best school of life; helping others.”
Annick, volunteer, from Canada

Get involved

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We can provide you with further information about the programme, put you in touch with previous volunteers, help you plan your trip and answer all your questions - big and small.

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