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Life Changing Experiences

Fully Bloom connects volunteers with organisations that want to host more volunteers because it impacts the success of their work. We call those life changing experiences.


There’s more to it than you think…

We’re passionate about volunteering because it supports something we’re even more crazy about: helping to make social organisations & programmes financially independent. When a programme is financially independent it can make decisions in its best interest and it can make long-term plans. This is how volunteering supports those goals:

  • You provide independent revenue directly to the programme
  • You share your skills, ideas and education; resources the programme doesn’t otherwise have
  • You contribute hours of energy & dedication to work on physical, thoughtful, playful, intellectual and sometimes just plain grimy tasks

The start of something beautiful

Just a few days spent with any programme will make a difference but most volunteers find an attachment with their programme and go on to develop meaningful relationships. Fully Bloom is here to help you find a programme that you can work with.
Read enough and just want to get on with it? Cool, take a look at the programmes we’ve got on offer for you.

“If one girl can do this, imagine if I could encourage more people like me to do the same.”

Fully Bloom is different

There are lots of services that can assist in channelling your voluntary hours and we’re glad they’re available to help. Fully Bloom provides more value than most other services.

  • We don’t charge a fee, it’s 100% free. You will still pay the programme directly for your stay and of course you need to meet all your own travel expenses but you are saved the set-up or agency costs.
  • We put both parties in touch so that you can each ask as many questions as you want, make sure you’re both prepared for your visit, and can start building a smashing relationship.
  • With direct knowledge of the programmes we can help you with that all-vital preparation piece. This means you’ll be of highest value to your programme and you’ll get the most from your stay.

And lastly, we’ll stay in touch. We’ve got a personal connection with our programmes so we want details on what’s happening right now, we want to know all about your experience and we want all your juicy suggestions & recommendations.

Our Story

Founder, Lucy James

Lucy James became interested in social entrepreneurialism in late 2010 just before visiting Thailand to work with Baan San Fan for the first time.

In the brief couple of weeks that she was at the home Lucy realised what a difference had been made.

She wanted to develop a project that would assist Baan San Fan, and eventually other, similar programmes to become more financially independent. Over the following months the ideas took various directions and met with varying degrees of success. With a background in media, marketing and communication Lucy quickly established a network of contacts to test and share her ideas with. She encouraged, sometimes coerced, feedback from a wide range of people, read a great deal and never stopped writing.

“To all those people who shared the coffee, the wine, the ideas & the enthusiasm, thank you and please keep your help coming!”

The project was developed on camping trips & at business meetings; with best friends & strangers; on long bike rides through the bush & in dingy clubs; listening to the Chillis, Rihanna and sometimes just the sweet sound of the ocean; and it was fuelled by piles & piles of coffee.

For a while real life took over and work on the project slowed but Lucy never lost belief in what she was trying to achieve. She visited Baan San Fan again in July 2011 and her experience was even more intense, she was now part of the family. It cemented her desire to do something.

And so, with a final push, in the English winter months of 2011-12 Fully Bloom was launched. It’s often the case, the answers are right in front of you, and Lucy realised she wanted answer the challenges that she herself had faced in looking for an orphanage to work with.

Like all good construction projects, building took longer than expected and during that time Lucy visited Baan San Fan for the third time and also spent time with some new homes in Thailand and Indonesia.

You can read more about Lucy’s experiences on her blog


Friend, Anfernee Chansamooth
Anfernee is a Dream Lifestyle Designer. As founder of AC Consulting and he has a passion for travel, writing, dancing and teaching people that happiness is a choice in each moment and that everybody can live the life of their dreams.

Anf has worked closely with one of Fully Bloom’s programmes, Sunshine School in Laos, and despite having mutual friends & even more mutual passions, Lucy & Anf are yet to be in the same country at the same time to actually meet. Anf has provided Fully Bloom with valuable direction, introductions and encouragement over many months, he is a star.

You can read more about Anf’s volunteer experiences on Togethr.