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Equus Terapia Equina


Equus Terapia Equina provides rehabilitation for children with special needs, through equestrian activities that are complementary to traditional therapies.

Physical therapy with horses is particularly effective because the movements and rhythm of the horse can really help with pelvis and back movement, strength and stability. There are also the additional benefits of sensory awareness, relating to three-dimensional movements and body temperature, and relationship and communication skills development.

Through their highly specialised and dedicated team, Equus Terapia Equina help children to progress more quickly with their rehabilitation, enjoy a higher quality of life and integrate more fully with society.

Meet Us
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Our Mission

Equus Terapia Equina works with children who have physical and learning disabilities. They want to make a difference to the quality of life that the children have and to the rate at which their development can progress. The centre organises the following:

Granting full or partial scholarships to people with disabilities who have real interest in participating in the program.
Developing and validating assessment tools that allow the centres work to progress.
Training staff to support work in equine activities.
Preparing seminars to share the benefits of equine activities.
Creating employment programs for people with disabilities in the equine field.


Long-term goals
Equus Terapia Equina would like to work with even more children to help them with their personal development. They would also like to more fully promote the benefits of this integrated therapy.

What you can do

Volunteers can make a difference to the work that Equus Terapia Equina do by:
- supporting equestrian rehabilitation sessions
- helping with workshops
- getting involved with marketing and attracting partners
- evaluating scholarship applicants
- working with the horses – we mean mucking out!
- maintenance of facilities – we mean more mucking out!

Visiting Us

There is no charge to volunteer with Equus Terapia Equina.
You must be able to speak Spanish to a good conversational level to volunteer with Equus Terapia Equina.

Equus Terapia Equina is located in Valparaiso, a coastal town about 100km West from Santiago. It is a growing port town.

Living arrangements
You will need to find your own accommodation when you volunteer with Equus Terapia Equina. There are lots of places to stay and the team will put you in touch with some useful contacts.


“Equus Terapia Equina is located in the horse race court in Vina del Mar, the city where I live. It is a really nice place to be in contact with animals and to get a feel of country side in the middle of the working week. Paola, who is responsible for the therapy centre has done a really good job at growing and keeping the place running. Motivated by the condition of her daughter who takes daily treatment at the centre, I consider her as a great example of tenacity, persistence and compassionate love. There are always many foreigners and also local students undertaking different tasks such as maintaining the horse sheds, farming in the small crop fields. Although the main job and where hands are always needed is with the therapies where you get to know the children, other volunteers, the staff and the horses in a team work that lasts an hour. Participating as a volunteer is a growing experience where you can see different realities and realize how easy is to make children and parents happy!! Fully recommended.”
Jose, volunteer, from Chile

Get involved

Interested to volunteer with this programme? Get in touch using the little form a the top of the page, through our social networks or on

We can provide you with further information about the programme, put you in touch with previous volunteers, help you plan your trip and answer all your questions - big and small.

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