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What sort of organisation is Fully Bloom?

Fully Bloom is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

What is unique about Fully Bloom?

There are lots of services that can assist in channelling your voluntary hours and we’re glad they’re available to help. Fully Bloom provides more value than most other services.

  • We don’t charge a fee, it’s 100% free. You will still pay the programme directly for your stay and of course you need to meet all your own travel expenses but you are saved the set-up or agency costs.
  • We put both parties in touch so that you can each ask as many questions as you want, make sure you’re both prepared for your visit, and can start building a smashing relationship.
  • With direct knowledge of the programmes we can help you with that all-vital preparation piece. This means you’ll be of highest value to your hosts and you’ll get the most from your stay.
  • We stay in touch. We’re passionate about the programmes we’re working with: we want details on what’s happening right now, we want to know all about your experience and we want all your juicy suggestions & recommendations.

How can I get involved with Fully Bloom?


Visit one of our host programmes and spend some time working with them. Read more on the Volunteer page.

Offer a programme

Host volunteers at your programme. Go to the Contact page and get in touch to give us some details.

Marketing/ sponsoring partner

Help to promote Fully Bloom or get involved as a sponsoring (paying) partner. The Media and Partners pages will give you an idea of the who we’re already working with.

Not sure :)

If you like what you’re seeing here but you’re not sure where you fit in at the moment drop us a note (use the form on the top right) and we’ll explore options and ideas with you.

Share an idea

If you have an idea for how we could do things differently then please do let us know (use the form on the top right).

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Can I make donations?

You sure can my friend. See that ‘Donate Now’ button at the top right of this page (and all the pages), that will connect you with PayPal and you can share your lovely monies with us. Thank you.

Where can I go?

Our programmes are currently located throughout Asia. Have a look at the Locations page to see what’s happening where. And keep checking back for new additions to what we’re offering.

What can I do?

We have various programmes available and when you visit those programmes you will have the opportunity to do lots of different types of work. For example if you visit an orphanage you can play with the children & help with homework, help with work around the home & garden, help with any DIY or building projects, help to make products that the homes sell, and teach at local schools.

Take a look at the Programmes page to choose they type of project you visit. Each programme page has more details about the work they are doing.

Can I book my travel with Fully Bloom?

Unfortunately, no. Fully Bloom is here to put volunteers and hosts in contact, and to help both sides derive the most value from their time together. We don’t book flights, hotels or tours, or provide insurance or visas. We’ll give you advice and tips if you need them though…

How much does it cost?

There is no charge from Fully Bloom to be introduced to your programme hosts.

The cost of each programme is detailed on their programme page. All costs stated are in USD (American Dollars).

How far ahead do I need to book?

It is up to you how early you book your place although the tighter the time frame, the more restricted availability may be.

You will also need to arrange your flights so that you are able to arrive in time.

How old do I have to be?

Fully Bloom is open to anyone aged 18 to 80. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are capable of participating in the programme and you must organise the relevant insurance cover for your time with your programme.

Do I need a visa?

We receive volunteers from all over the world and visa requirements change from country to country. Please check the host country Embassy website in your country for more information.

Can I travel before or after my placement?

Of course. We encourage all volunteers to spend time in their host country to experience more of the culture and the people. In fact, most of our volunteers are visiting programmes as part of an extended trip.

What is provided?

Fully Bloom provides complete support before, during and after your visit to ensure you enjoy your time to the full.

We put you in touch with your host programme, help with any communication to confirm your visit, provide you with information to prepare for your visit, stay in touch while you’re at the programme and get all the juicy feedback & suggestions when you return.

What should I take?

Once your place is confirmed we’ll give you suggestions of what to take, and what not to take. The recommendations change depending on which country, and which programme you’re visiting.

How will I get around while I’m there?

Volunteers are responsible for their own travel to/ from the programme (although in most cases the programme will be able to collect/ return you to a central location for a charge) and any travel outside of the programme. Guidebooks can help you with the best options for the country you’re visiting.

While you’re with your programme your hosts will help you with getting around, most have their own vehicles and some have bicycles and mopeds that you can use. Please ensure that you have the right level of insurance for any transport that you plan to use.

How much money should I take?

The cost of living will vary depending on your host country but will likely be very cheap by Western standards. And while you’re staying with your host programme your cost of living will be very low because your accommodation and meals will be taken care of. There are details about costs on each Programme page.

Should I bring a phone?

We recommend highly that you bring a cell phone with you. Check international roaming availability and charges with your current provider before you leave. If you’re travelling for a long period of time you could look to either buy a phone locally or have your phone unlocked before you leave and then purchase a local SIM card.

What communication services are available?

Each programme will have different things available (phone coverage, WiFi, computer available, internet cafe nearby). The programme will be able to inform you about this, it’s different for each one and it also varies depending on country, location and infrastructure.

What amenities are available locally?

Some programmes are really rural, others are closer to towns or villages, so this really depends on the programme that you visit. Take a look at the Programmes page for more details on this.

What about insurance?

It is your responsibility to organise and purchase your own insurance. Please ensure your policy provides adequate cover and is valid for the duration of your time spent travelling.

What vaccinations do I need?

Please consult your local GP or visit a good travel clinic in your country for up to date information on vaccination requirements.

Where can I find more information about the country I’m visiting?

Start by looking at the Location page. Each page also has a list of recommended websites for further information.

What if I get sick during my placement?

Your host programme will assist you with finding a doctor and a hospital if needed. Contact us immediately and we can assist with finding the best local services and rallying any other contacts that we have in the region.

What if I have a problem during my visit?

Get in touch with us straight away and we’ll take it from there.

What if I want to stay longer/leave early?

You can generally coordinate this directly with your host programme once you’re there but you can also get in touch with us to assist in making the arrangements. Be aware that if you want to leave earlier than arranged in most cases you will still need to pay the full amount agreed with the programme.