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Bali Orphan Day Centre

The Centre opened in 2007 with the intention of nurturing children who have suffered the loss of one or both parents. The aim is to empower and equip orphans for a better life both now and in the future. The children come to the Centre after school for extra curricular education & activities and as a place for them to spend time with friends & their extended families.
Bali Orphan Day Centre relies on sponsorship from patrons. The pricing options to sponsor a child vary depending how old the child is and how long they are sponsored for.

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Daily life
The children come to the Centre in the hours between school finishing (around 3pm) and going to their homes (any time up to 9-10pm). At the Centre the children do extra activities that aren’t covered at school and which they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do. They receive tuition in dance, culture, arts, English, computer studies, yoga and meditation. In addition to education the Centre works hard to look after he welfare of the children with extra meals and some medical & dental care.
The assistance that the Centre provides enables the children to live with their extended family rather than at an orphanage.

Long-term goals

Over time the Centre would like to be able to offer different activities to the children and to welcome more & more children every day. They would also like to begin offering extended services to the community, the schools and to the orphan’s homes.

What you can do
You can come and spend time at the Centre in the afternoons when the children are there after school. They like to have new friends to do activities with, it means they learn new things and gain confidence from spending time with different people. Coming to the Centre in the afternoons can fit really well with your holiday if you’re in Ubud for some time or if you’re just passing through for a few days.

  • After school activities
  • The children currently do activities such as dance, culture, arts, English, computer studies, yoga and meditation. This is in addition to their schooling so it’s nice to be able to offer them something different. If you have experience or ideas in leading or assisting lessons in sport, the arts, languages or cultural activities then you might like to share them with the children at the Centre.

  • Encouraging sponsorship
  • The main source of revenue for the Centre is their sponsorship packages. You might know ways to help promote these through your own contacts or different marketing techniques. Alternatively you might think of creative new ideas to gain revenue that could help the Centre.

  • PR for the orphanage and encouraging volunteers
  • Like many orphanages and children centres, Bali Orphan Centre benefits from having visitors and volunteers. Volunteers help through their sheer physical contribution (tidying and cleaning help out a lot!), through their ideas and through the impression and inspiration that they give to the children. Volunteers often have ways to help promote Centres like this through writing, making contacts, creating links or even technical work like changing the website.

  • Administration
  • There’s a lot of administration to keep a Centre like this working efficiently. If you feel you can assist with this – replying to emails, sorting out the painting cupboard, planning activities for the month – you will be making a big difference for the staff and also the children.

Visiting Us


USD 0 per week
The Centre is for visiting volunteers only; you cannot stay at the Centre because it is only open on weekday afternoons.
More details are available upon request.

Out of town; the Centre is outside of the main Ubud town, about 10-15 minutes by car. There are some shops and services nearby and some local attractions to see.

Living arrangements
There are no living arrangements at Bali Orphan Centre because it is a centre for visiting only; there is no accommodation. Volunteers are welcome on a daily basis. Most people find that this fits really well with a holiday in Ubud; they come and spend some time here in the afternoons/ evenings as part of their travels or vacation.

Meals are not included but there are drinks here.

Transport to/ from the Centre needs to be arranged by you. Taxis are incredibly easy to find and economical. Motorbike/ scooter and bicycle hire are also incredibly economical. Just like the rest of Bali, it is easy to get where you want, when you want.

Get involved

Interested to volunteer with this programme? Get in touch using the little form a the top of the page, through our social networks or on

We can provide you with further information about the programme, put you in touch with previous volunteers, help you plan your trip and answer all your questions - big and small.

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