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OUR NEWEST partner: One of our excellent friends, Olivia, has recently been working with Project Istwa, a marvellous project set up to increase self-empowerment, awareness and self-expression in the youth of Haiti.

Haiti has suffered much, and the future will be shaped by the children, Project Istwa is helping those children to find their voices, to share what they think & feel about their communities and their lives, and to create little humans who are ready to participate thoroughly and valuably in their country. Want to know more, take a look here. Have a read, it’s good stuff.

CONNECT: We want to reach your friends. We want to reach friends of your friends. We wanna know where your colleagues have volunteered. We want your families to tell us about their Fully Bloom ideas. Yes, that’s right, it’s all about us. Give us a shout out, here’s our Facebook and Twitter, we ‘follow’ and ‘like’ back cos it’s not all about us really :)

NEED your help: We’re particularly keen to add some conservation programmes; organisations or projects that work with flora or fauna, the great outdoors, landscape and wildlife. The sort of projects we’ve heard about are animal sanctuaries, gardening/ landscaping projects, wildlife tracking & monitoring. If you’re a Fully Bloom friend and you’ve come across any of these in your travels, let us know, let’s make it happen

We connect people with places & programmes for life changing experiences.

Fully Bloom: Life Changing Experiences

All over the globe there are social organisations & programmes improving the world for others. These organisations & programmes – orphanages, refugee centre, animal homes, schools for example – want to work with volunteers so that they can make an even bigger difference.

All over the globe there are also a huge number of smart, enthusiastic people who want to do more with their lovely vacation time and use it to volunteer with quality programmes.

That’s why Fully Bloom is here, to connect people with places & programmes. We know that when the connection is right it creates life changing experiences for everyone involved.

Get involved

You can get involved with Fully Bloom right now.

Take a look at the Contact page or use the Contact form at the top of this page, we want to hear from all of you: new volunteers, programmes who wants to join our database, media that would like to work with us, anyone with an awesome idea. All communication welcome, we love to talk.

On our Contact page there’s also an option to subscribe to our newsletter so you can see what’s happening here and maybe we can work together in the future.

Want to know more about what’s involved in volunteering with a programme… Check the Volunteer page for all details and perhaps have a read of Our Story – it’ll tell you more about our experiences and why we launched Fully Bloom.

Want to know more about where we’re working, take a look at the programmes and locations pages for lots of exciting info that will have you booking a flight before you can even say ‘visa application’ :)

Got questions… just complete the form at the top right of this page and we’ll get back to you with piles of information, answers and chat.